Edgar Legoale Foundation Official Statement on the 2023 Easter Knockout Soccer Tournament…

It is true when they say dreams delayed are not dreams denied…


Edgar Legoale Foundation is pleased to be back again with a spectacular, famous and people’s soccer tournament in this coming Easter.


This will be happening after the cancelation of the biggest December Soccer Tournament in the country, due to some little technicalities which occurred from the side of security agencies as we are forever cautious when it comes to the issue of security of the people.


It’s now back! Bigger and Better! The Pure Kasi Football!!!


The Foundation can not also put a blind eye to the challenges facing our communities, especially the Tumahole residents and those from around places, the issue of basic service delivery for our people must be prioritized and sports facilities should be built, maintained and even the community members need to assist the government in safeguarding their facilities.


“Soccer Development Remains our top priority as Edgar Legoale Foundation. It makes me happy to see these young ones excited and always looking forward to participating in our tournament because it’s the only big local platform where there are able to showcase their talent. Soccer is everything.” – Foundation Chairperson Mr. Edgar Legoale


We grew up knowing sports to be the main mechanism used and encouraged to keep young ones from the streets, we need to go back to our roots since the young ones are now all over the streets and the drugs are destroying and killing them.


Soccer is and has always been the liberator for many struggling families, we need to push for it as our tournament has recently started to attract the big people in Soccer and Entertainment industry who have influence and potential to change our lives.


The Interested teams to affiliate will speak directly with our manager, as many people are today scamming and hide the cause of poverty, we advise all the teams to only talk direct with our manager for all the affiliation processes.


This year’s Easter Knockout Soccer Tournament will be held under the following arrangements:

Date: 7th till 10th April 2023

Battlefield: Mandela Sports ground (Near Boitlamo Secondary School) Tumahole, Parys in Free State


16 Teams will be battling to be champions this year with the following prices in place:

– 1st Price – R40 000.00

– 2nd Price – R10 000.00

– 3rd Price – R5 000.00


AFFILIATION – R1 500.00 Per Team (Only through the Tournament’s manager)


We would like to wish all the teams that will partake in this year’s Easter Tournament well and luck, after a break in December, they are definitely hungry for play and it’s going to be lit!


It Is said it takes a village to raise a boy, we are pleading with our community members to sell this tournament to the world and come support and enjoy with us this Easter… The Real and Pure Kasi Flavored Football is BACK!!!


The People’s Tournament | The People’s Choice |The People’s Favourite


Issued by EDGAR LEGOALE Foundation… For More Information on the tournament and how to affiliate :

Contact: Mr. Israel Fantisi – Project Manager

067 221 7510 , israel@edgarlegoale.com