Edgar Legoale Knockout Soccer Challenge

Knockout Soccer Challenge

The Edgar Legoale Knockout Soccer Challenge is a soccer tournament brand which was held for the first time in January 2018 by the Edgar Legoale Foundation. Tumahole, like most townships in South Africa, is seeing its youth become engulfed by substance abuse and gangsterism. With this crisis growing more and more out of hand, the Edgar Legoale Foundation came up with the concept of this soccer challenge as a way to unite the community against the war on substance abuse and gangsterism as well as to motivate the youth to become involved in something positive and uplifting so as to keep them off the streets and away from the influences of gangs and drugs and also help fight social ills within our communities.

The tournament was set to be an annual event but due to high demand, we have decided to host it in every season (January Birthday Games, Easter tournament, Youth Games in June, and Festive Games in December) with a series of build up events taking place prior to the main event. These build up events will serve as the foundation‟s consistent effort to raise awareness.

The 1st Annual ELKSC was hosted on the 27th and 28th of January 2018 at the Mandela Sports ground in Tumahole. Also the 2nd Annual ELKSC was hosted on the 26-27 January 2019. Both the events were extremely successful as it was well supported by members of the community coming from all over Tumahole and neighbouring towns. It also received massive support form stakeholders such as the Ngwathe Municipality, SAPS and the CPF just to name a few. It was also well covered by local and national media sources and it is this success that has motivated us to work even harder to grow and improve the ELKSC in the years to come.