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Elksc statement 2019

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Elksc statement 2019

2019 Edgar Legoale Knockout Soccer Challenge “No To Gender Based Violence”

08 January 2019

The Edgar Legoale Knockout Soccer Challenge (ELKSC) is a Community programme which was designed with the purpose of fighting societal ills and challenges. We believe that this responsibility cannot be left to the attention of the government alone.

The tournament was held for the first time in January 2018 and covered by Lesedi Fm, SAFM as well as local radio stations and newspapers . It involved 12 soccer teams, four of which were stakeholder teams and 8 of which were playing for prizes. The tournament received a warm welcome from the community and was massively supported by the community and different stakeholders in their numbers including the SAPS and CPF and Also other community organizations .

Our theme for 2019 ELKSC will be “No to gender based violence”

Gender-based violence is a persistent worldwide problem, occurring in every culture in all societies. The underlying problem seems to be that many societies consider it a ‘private’ affair and therefore ‘acceptable’. It is estimated that one in five women in South Africa are victims of gender-based violence annually. This chilling statistic alone should be enough to indicate that there is a need to stand up and stamp out the prevalence of gender-based violence in society. There’s more, according to South African Police Service,

  • one in two women might be raped in their life,
  • one in four women is in an abusive relationship,
  • one in four girls has been sexually abused.

Gender based violence manifests itself in different forms from very brutal to very subtle, such as physical; sexual and psychological violence; domestic violence; sexual abuse; forced pregnancy etc. All these grotesque violence have engulfed our communities and must come to an end.

Why this theme?

First and foremost, society has to realize that committing crimes against women is wrong, because it diminishes the prestigious image of a community we envisage. A community wherein woman and children are respected and violence is condemned with the contempt it deserves. In addition, women just like anyone else irrespective of sexual orientation, race, class, age and location are entitled to their human dignity, and integrity.

Crimes against women need to be exposed and become a public issue with political and societal connotations, and hence requires an adequate and effective response. A response that will be critical, decisive and considerate of the plight of the victims.

It should be clearly spelt out that gender based violence is incompatible with the values of a democratic state and the rule of law and a serious impediment to sustainable development. The scourge and epidemic of violence against women can be eliminated; it requires a multiplicity of interventions, including tightening the legal instruments moral and political will, and society rallying against this violation of women’s rights.

Main Objective;

Increase awareness, increase knowledge, encourage open communication, increase the use of services and reporting on gender-based violence, change attitudes, and increase community response and holding the community accountable for crimes committed.

There will be a series of events and programmes building towards the main event and are as follows:

  1. Official Launch , Date: 18 January 2019, Time: 2pm , Master Nakedi Sports Center, Tumahole , Parys
  2. High School Visits in tumahole, 14-18 January 2019
  3. Door To Door Campaign in the Area where the tournament will be playing: 23-24 January 2019, 4pm
  4. Activation Programme (Final Push in all Public Places in Parys) , 25 January 2019
  5. Main Event , 26-27 January 2019 , Mandela Sports Ground , Tumahole, Parys, 9am

We have 8 Teams that will be participating on our tournament. Namely;

  1. Black Swallows – Parys
  2. Kap Die Hond FC – Parys
  3. The Ultimate FC – Parys
  4. Dome City Academy – Parys
  5. Mapetla FC – Vredefort
  6. Hayifuni Wena FC – Vredefort
  7. Zebra FC – Viljoenskroon
  8. Athletico FC – Sasol

1st R10000
2nd R5000
3rd R2500

Members of the Media are invited. The general public and Soccer Scouts are also invited to come and observe our showcase of talent.

Issued by ELKSC

For More Information and Enquiries:
Babiky De Wet (Spokesperson) 0745565515 e-mail: dewet.b5@gmail.com
Israel Fantisi (Organizer) 0672217510 , e-mail: sellojacob25@gmail.com