Tumahole Creativity Empowerment Programme

(TCEP) is a transformative visual arts initiative designed for high school learners from four schools within the Tumahole township: Phehellang Secondary School, Yakhisizwe High School, Boitlamo Smart School, and Barnard Molokoane Comprehensive School. This once-a-week, six-month program aims to use artistic expression to foster social cohesion, celebrate indigenous arts, address social ills, support vulnerable groups, introduce new works, and contribute to capacity building and arts entrepreneurship.

Program Overview

The program will offer weekly workshops covering a variety of visual arts disciplines, taught by local, esteemed artists. Each workshop will be crafted to encourage participation, foster talent, and address key societal issues through artistic expression. The curriculum will include traditional and digital arts, providing a comprehensive educational experience.


  • Promote social cohesion and national unity through collaborative art projects.
  • Uplift rural art forms and indigenous expressions.
  • Address social ills by engaging learners in meaningful creative activities.
  • Support vulnerable groups by prioritizing inclusive hiring and participant selection.
  • Innovate with new works and digital arts integration.
  • Build capacity for arts-based entrepreneurship among high school learners.

Program Duration

Six months, with weekly sessions lasting 2-3 hours each.